Yass & District Annual XB Lamb Circuit Sale

2022 Circuit Sale wrap-up

16344 Xb lambs were sold on Friday the 9th of December in the Annual Yass & District XB Lamb Circuit Sale conducted byButt Livestock & Property.  The sale prices on the day exceeded other industry platforms and markets for similar lambs.

All the lambs are weighed prior to sale and then offered into lines weighed for example 25-29.5kg, 30-34.5 kg and 35kg+.

Some larger runs attracted more interest on the day like Cavan Stations 845 PD X Merino Lambs that average 36.3kg sold for $124 or $3.42pkg.  MFA Elsegood, Bookham sold 29 -33.5kg WS X Merino Lambs that averaged 31.3kg for $109 or $3.48. Longaroo Past Co sold 352 PD X Merino Lambs that averaged 27kg ranging from 26-29.5kg for $90 or$3.24p/kg. DW & JP Major Yass sold 120 PD X Merino Lambs from 30-34.5kg to average 30.2kg for $114 or $3.52. Balgalal Past Co sold 2nd X lambs that averaged 24.3kg for $93.00 or $3.83p/kg  and $112 of $3.81p/kg  for those that averaged 29.4kg or from 27-32.5kg.

A local feedlot from Narrandera purchased 3507 of the heavier lambs offered weighing 36-42kg to average $3.20 from $120-$136.50 RMA agents Holman & Tolmie, Cootamundra purchased 2913 lambs, Forbes Livestock Agency purchased 1804 and  Clive Anderson & Co Grenfell purchased 1356, while other purchasers came from Albury, Corowa, Bungendore, Wagga, Boorowa, Harden, Gunning and Junee.

Butt LP have conducted the sale for the last 10 years which has a reputation for supplying good quality XB Lambs. Our lamb producers are prepared to pay for better quality terminal sires with figures and genetics because they want the lambs to perform. Majority of the lambs are late July, Aug drop and not weaned until the day before the sale. Repeat buyers of these XB lambs will turn them out onto crop and stubble paddocks and allow them to grow into good heavy trade and killable lambs for early autumn contracts.

2022 Circuit Sale list

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Lamb Weights 2022

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Circuit Sale map

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